Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Good, Bad and Ugly

First the good: we ARE going to sight read the 2nd movement of my composition this Thursday. I hope to be vindicated by it, after the fiasco with the transposition error. Most of the small group of listeners enjoy the 2nd movement best so far- so I am anxious for feedback on it. ANd to hear it live! (This time I hope to get some kind of recording device so I can replay it-- perhaps one that plugs into my iPod).

The Bad: yesterday sucked from a work perspective. I had to have a bad meeting with my group about their behavior. On Friday I made a huge mistake. I was quite busy at the end of the day, doing lab work, setting up weekend coverage, etc, and I had to get out my manager book for phone numbers. Unfortunately I left this book out in the lab at the end of the day friday.

This book also contained all my notes about all the tardiness, absences, and counselling sessions that I've had with my employees.


Naturally the book is organized into individual sections, with name labels, etc. It also has my name on the first 3 pages- which are just random documents like phone lists, computer codes, etc. So my people being roughly the mental age of kindergarteners proceeded to READ the book.

Then they complained to my boss and my boss's boss about how some people weren't in the book enough... or they complained about what I had written about them... or they thought my keeping the book was unfair, etc.

So I got called into numerous offices and had to explain everything (HR TELLS us to keep a documentation book on everyone). The funny thing was, my bosses were upset that I left the book out... but didn't seem to focus on the whole 'invasion of privacy' act.

So I had a meeting with my group (with my boss's boss present). I apologized for accidently leaving the book out. I also explained the HR purpose behind the book. And THEN I admonished them for finding the book, passing it around, and NOT turning it in to me. I basically took the "disappointed parent" role. I told them that I was extremely disappointed that they knew who the book belonged to and yet not ONE of them turned the book in unread. I likened it to finding someone's purse and then going through it and passing it around for everyone else to go through. I think they were all sufficiently shamed.

Now the UGLY: I had chinese food last night and it is creating a very ugly situation for me. I ordered Moo Shu Beef (really my favorite because you get to pretend that its a burrito too) and it was very good. But when I went to bed, my tummy was alreay in turmoil. As I was relaxing in my bed, I completely beefed one in order to releave some of the pressure I was feeling. All was good until I rolled over.

Oh the humanity!

I seriously had to pull my teddy bear "Preston" out from under the covers because i thought it might singe his fur. Yes it was that bad. It was like someone had left moo shu beef on a hot car seat for a couple days. I was gagging myself on my own stench.

Seriously, what the hell??

And you will be glad to note that I have carried this bowel emergency all the way to my office today. I already let go in here- and I had to leave my office to let it 'air out'. I'm afraid to go to a public bathroom at this point.


At 10:20 AM, Blogger 9W said...

you are toxic you know that?

seriously - a doc should investigate what died in your ass.

At 10:54 AM, Blogger Kevin said...

Nice post. Starts with your second movement ... ends with your third.

At 9:29 PM, Anonymous Ray said...

Bwahahahhahahahahha -- yes yes, shit bomb work again. Please. Can I tell you how hard I laughed about the last time you did that?

Nice co-workers. Make em' smell that gas.



At 2:19 AM, Anonymous durban bud said...

Thanks for that. I'm going to throw up.

You should abstain from anal for a long while. It's for the best.


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