Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Most Unfortunate

To cap a most productive and glorious day, I ordered a pizza from the ONE pizza shop within 5 miles of my home. Its run by a Lebanese family and most of them are very attractive.

Except for Unibrow.

When I went to pick up my pizza, that's when I was visually assaulted. The guy taking my money was certainly new, as I'm sure I would have noticed his eyebrow before. It was truly hypnotic. I tried my best not to stare, but it was really REALLY hard.

The poor guy needs a gay friend to help him fix that. And a chinese lady with a tub of hot wax.

The thing that I noticed most was that it wasn't the really thick 'brooke shieldsian' unibrow. No, the rest of his eyebrows were sort of normal thickness and well arched. They merely met in the middle in a most unfortunate way. And not right in the middle of his forehead either.

They met a quarter of the way down the bridge of his nose.

I am not joking about this. The suckers arched downward to a point more than a quarter-inch down the bridge of his nose. Below where the bridge of a pair of glasses would reside. And I swear there was a cowlic in the middle of it all with long hair going every which way. It made me want to check my pizza for eyebrow hair!

The poor guy! He would seriously go up about 2 cute points if he would do some strategic tweezing.


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