Thursday, January 04, 2007

Drum Corps in January

I heard my first soundclip of the year, and I already have the "fever". Drum Corps fever.

Now, the Cadets have not been one of my favorite corps as of late. Being a former Cavalier, it is in my nature to despise certain other corps, especially corps that are extremely competitive with the Cavaliers. The Cadets are one of these corps. However its been easy to hate them in the past few years because their shows have been rather shitty.

And it really wasn't so much a hatred of them as feeling sorry for them. I used to worship the Cadets- especially back in the late 80's when they were SO impressive. They still are the owners of one of my alltime favorite shows (Appalachian Spring).

This year, they are finally getting back on track (i.e. back to their glorious roots) and putting on a more traditional show. The clip sounds really cool (minus the sadistic Dr. Beat).

Now I'm giddy with anticipation!


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