Friday, July 28, 2006

Devil at the YMCA

I'm a big 'ho.

I know, I know... shocker. But I have to talk about my near naughtiness at the YMCA the other night.

After I work out, I always sit in the sauna. Usually alone, sometimes with fat, old men-- and sometimes with 'players'. And as much as K-dog won't believe this statement, the majority of the time all I do is stretch and meditate (a little). And sweat, of course.

However, this past Wednesday there was a nice looking, 30-something, married guy (red hair, good shape, big dick) who just happened to be hanging about the wet area. "Hanging" being the operative word. And quite honestly hovering around for far longer than the typical apres-workout relaxation time allows.

I mean, I think it was pretty OBVIOUS what he wanted, given the fact that he showered like 5 times, and then kept heading back to the sauna/steam room area.

I first noticed him during my shower after my workout. I was already at one of the gang-shower heads when he rounded the corner from the sauna. He whipped off his towel and I swear he had a 'semi' going on! It was impressive enough for me to take notice immediately. That and the fact that the soaping and rinsing of 'it' took more time than a guy usually spends on himself-- at least in public.

So what do I do? I naturally follow him to the sauna after my quick rinse off. I sat next to him. He's sitting on a towel, bearing all his goodies, and covering his head with a small towel. He's bent slightly forward, making a small attempt to hide his engorged member. His penis is actually visibly throbbing a little. I know this because I was unabashedly staring right at his crotch.

Because he's married (I swear, a wedding band is like an aphrodesiac to me!) I decide that I'm going to tease him a bit and see what develops. So I casually unwrap my towel while stretching and uncover my own chubby. (Yes, I have a slight boner at this point- thank God we're the only two in the sauna! Man, I'm a whore!)

I can tell he's looking at me out of the corner of his eye. He's torn between trying to cover his erection and just giving me a full show. I can see his legs and stomach quivering a bit-- remember that nervous shake you got the first time you had the possibility of gay interaction? When you first saw another hard man and knew you could be actually touching it and you desperately wanted to but you were so shy and didn't know how to take that last step and plunge into the abyss?

Yeah, you know that feeling... we all do.

He went back and forth between the shower and the sauna a few more times whilst I relaxed in full frontal nudity for him- occasionally touching myself in a highly inappropriate mannor. Especially given the posted YMCA 'code of conduct' rules. THe whole episode probably went on for like 20 minutes, with neither of us speaking a word.

The whole thing was so cute and exciting- yet sad at the same time. And while a quickie in the sauna would've completely hit the spot, I just didn't have the heart to torment this man any longer than I already had.

The last time he came into the sauna, I stood up (naked), grabbed my towel, and before he had a chance to sit down, I deliberately brushed my already diminishing woody past him on my way to shower up and leave.

I figure the casual contact gave him just enough ammo to jack off with later-- in the comfort of his own bathroom at home while his wife slept peacefully in the next room.


At 3:26 PM, Blogger Six Shooter said...

Damn. If it were me ...

... you wouldn't have taken notice.


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