Friday, July 21, 2006

My poor penis!

Have you ever chafed the head of your penis? No? Well then, you have definitely been missing out, let me tell you.

The reason for this post is basically to serve as a guide-cum-warning to all those who may do some sort of sporting activity out in the heat and humidity during the summer.

Last Saturday and Sunday I played outdoor volleyball. I played several hours each day. It was very hot and very humid. Saturday I was smart, Sunday I wasn't.

When playing runny, jumpy, divey type sports out in the humid weather, short selection is key. On Saturday I wore a pair of running shorts made of that new tech wicking fiber shit with a built in pouch/liner thing. They worked great! Just enough support, wicked away moisture from my crotch, etc. Everything was dandy.

On Sunday, however, I opted for my new pair of surf shorts. Basically they were those rubbery feeling, velcro-fly, lace up, long swimsuit shorts that you can buy at Target. These particular shorts were the green and white Guiness shorts.

(side note: these were going to be my "lucky" shorts as I fucking ROCKED the v-ball court. seriously. rocked it)

So the beginning of Sunday went well, but toward the end of the day I started to feel a bit sore "down there". But I just HAD to play one more game. It was three on three and it promised to be a really good game. Plus if I left, it would unbalance the sides. So I stayed (and we won). But after every play past point 10, I was having to pull my shorts away from my groin.

When I finally got home and stripped off the swimsuit, the head of my dick was as red as rudolf's nose! It was awful. I couldn't touch it at all; it was just as if I had gotten a rug burn on my cock.

I figure I need to wash this and start putting on soothing lotion. THe shower was excruciating, but nothing compared to the moisturizer I tried to use afterward. My buddy K-dog (stageright-stageleft) had given me some of this aftershave balm to try. It is all natural and has aloe and shit in it and the stuff has never once burnt my face, even after the most severe shave.

I actually cried out in pain when I put this crap on my dick. It BURNED! After I quick rinsed off every last vestige, I put on some neosporin + pain, and then sat around my house naked for the rest of the night.

The subsequent days were spent neosporin salving my dickhead, and wearing snug undies to keep any movement 'down there' to a bare minimum.

Today I am back to my ol' commando self, but I did notice after my shower this morning that my penis is actually peeling now.

The moral of the story: If you don't want your dick to get sick, stick with dry wick.


At 10:09 AM, Blogger 9W aka 9thWave aka Nthwave said...

a) it's not all natural - if you would like the ingriedients, i can provide them for you.
b) it's not meant for your cock.
c) the moral to the story is really that you should wear support garments when your active. i know that ruins your hole "i'm butch, i go commando" vibe your trying to cultivate, but really - you must protect little willy.

At 11:18 AM, Blogger Six Shooter said...

You just need someone to kiss it and make it better.

Although common sense would tell one to never kiss a dick that's peeling.

Hmmm, you have a conundrum.


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