Monday, March 05, 2007

Mostly Good Saturday!

Subtitled: How I should just never go out, Part II)

Other than the going out to the gay bars part of it, Saturday was a really good day.

I got to sleep in. I finished cleaning my house. I bought another orchid. I figured out the 32 bar section in the Third Horseman that has been plaguing me (pun intended... third horse... pestilence... plaguing me.... ha ha ha). Saw the lunar eclipse. Had house guests come into town for some fun.

I'm most pleased about the compositional work that I did on Saturday. Not that I'm anything other than a flat out amateur at this stuff, but I still managed to create something from an idea that I heard in my head. And I think it came out decently enough to get me fully gassed about it.

(here's where I lose you)

I was stuck on this section. I was, or thought I was, hearing a fugal thing going on. The trouble is that I've never learned how to write counterpoint or fugues or anything-- and this as you can image was hampering me quite a bit. But then thank god for my piano lessons. I had recently been playing a couple pieces (one Chopin, one Copland) that use hemiola (3 versus 2 feeling). Its a bitch for me to play, but BAM! Epiphany. I could USE a similar technique in this section--at least for the low brass statement!

So I did. And the rest of the section fell into place. Mostly. I still need to tweak it a bit, but its all there. Oh, and technically what I used was not-quite-hemiola as I was doing a 2 versus 2.5 thing.... its weird but you just have to hear it.

But then the day was sort of spoiled by going out. Not that the bars weren't fun... they sort of were. But going out just serves to highlight how alone I am most of the time.

First stop was Flex-- where it was Bear-eoke Night. Not that gay men belting out country songs and show tunes isn't a good time-- well, ok its not that good a time. When we arrived, some poor bear was singing Bohemian Rhapsody-- by himself. He had a good voice, but the whole "I see a little silloutette of a man... " section was just bad. Of course when we looked to see who was butchering it, we ended up knowing the guy! It was part of a couplethat we know.

(he even did the whole "any way the wind blows" part at the very end--- AFTER the song had ended, just to grandstand a bit. Too bad he was a step sharp on the last note....)

At CC's-the next bar- there was at least good dance music. And we did dance. And there were many very good looking men. All of whom had partners. Including the nerdy-cute guy who was severely hitting on me-- pushing his groin into my leg, etc. I asked him why he didn't have a boyfriend. His hesitation told me everything. So I asked him how long they had been going out. SEVEN years as it turns out. And he was looking to play on his own that night.

Sorry, wrong number.

And then there's the boy whom we'll call Mason (for that's not his name but his real name rhymes with it). Mason is cute. VERY cute. Intensely cute. I think he's a doll. Sandy blonde hair, blue eyes, beard, stocky, legs like tree trunks, ass as firm as a bundt cake... the usual. Super sweet guy. Good job-- although with non-datable hours. AND he loves drum and bugle corps!!

Match made in heaven, right?

Yeah, except for the one tiny fact that he doesn't appear to want me. He would hover around me for awhile, and then excuse himself to go wander the bar. And him not initiating any conversation-- yeah, that tends to give me a BIG ol' clue. And the 'never really looking at me' thing.


But at least he saved me from the horny, married guy. Guess I'm pretty lucky, huh?


At 3:45 PM, Blogger Lewis said...

I think I'd have gone with the "married horny guy." That sounds like your best bet for getting it off. As long as he doesn't do karaoke.

At 6:39 PM, Anonymous Jack Hampster said...

He was probably shy - or like in my case can't hear worth shit in a bar and doesn't have a good conversational skills

At 6:39 PM, Anonymous Ray said...

Seven year itch indeed...

Keep at the composition - you don't get better by sitting around:)

At 2:57 AM, Blogger kevin said...

Your bars sound great. CC's and Flex are great names. We have Cruize and Heavens Above! I so love the idea of a beareoke night.

Now Cb, im going to have to come over there and sort those American men out for y'all. Im not going to play matchmaker but i reckon there are a few hot guys over there that would find your wit irrestible!
Either that. or im going to have to send you over a few kiwi guys for you to try out....perhaps Daniel!?

I have a plan....i'll come over and take you to Flex and CC's. My accent will get the guys horny and chatting to us (You said kiwi accents get American men turned on but i dont know how). That is when you subtly let them know that im STRAIGHT but YOU are my long lost brother brought up in USA and you are very gay!....I can see this plan working out. You get the guy, a relationship builds up between you two....and voila, im buying a new shirt to go to your wedding.

It's a plan Stan.

Kev in NZ

At 5:12 PM, Blogger Donnie said...

See, that's why I don't even bother going out! It's a waste of time.


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