Wednesday, February 07, 2007

First Kisses

I have no idea what fucking commercial I saw last night, but it prompted me to think about first kisses. And naturally I'm going to tell y'all about them right now.

FIRST EVER KISS (consiously): Her name was Missy Carter and she was my best friend at the time. We were probably around 5 or 6 years old, perhaps as old as 7. We were playing in the basement of my house while our moms had coffee and bars upstairs. While jumping up and down on an old love seat, we decided that we should kiss. It was brief, but full on the lips. We then squealed with delight and thought that since we kissed on a love seat, this meant that we had to get married! Immediately we ran up and told our moms what we had done.

FIRST REAL GIRL KISS: Junior year of high school. Prom date. Her name was Lisa something-or-other. I'm amazed that I could even get to her lips, as her fully crenalined poufy dress should have kept me well away. I walked her to her door, and we said our good nights. And then I leaned... she leaned... and we kissed for maybe a minute. We broke up shortly thereafter so she could date a hotter guy. The kiss was wholly unmemorable- other than the butterflies I felt in my stomach about the whole thing.

FIRST REAL GUY KISS: First year of grad school. His name was Craig James and he was a senior in undergrad (ex gymnast). I had a huge crush on him and we had become close friends. I was in his dorm room the night before spring semester began (January whateverth). We had talked for hours and my crush on him was eventually revealed. I got up to leave (in utter embarassment) and he pulled me back down onto his dorm room couch and he kissed me. I remember having my socks completely knocked off- feeling stubble, and his tongue. The kiss made me dizzy.

Now I want to hear about all y'all's kisses.


At 6:52 AM, Blogger Tom said...

FIRST KISS: Cathy Wilder, we were both like six, and it was behind the diningroom curtains at the house I grew up in, in Northern California. My 3 brothers found out and I still hear ribs from them to this day.

FIRST REAL GIRL KISS: Honestly? I don't remember her name, nor the circumsatances around it. I was in my mid teens.

FIRST REAL GUY KISS: I was 25, his name was Doug, and like you, I had a huge crush on this guy. We worked for the same company, and car pooled (remember the late 70's gas crisis?) periodically. We were both married with kids, but there was obviously an attraction that was more than just curiosity... I can still feel the stubble, the soft lips, and the warm moist tongue too... DANG... I wonder what ever happened to Doug..?

At 10:07 AM, Blogger Brian said...

FIRST KISS: Kindergarten. Girl named Penny. Years later in high school, I found out my best friend kissed her too. Apparently, she got around.

FIRST REAL GIRL KISS: Um...I wanna say junior high. A friend of mine from church. We were on a train ride at the zoo.

FIRST REAL GUY KISS: I was 25 or 26. He was the only out-ish gay guy besides me in a 100 mile radius of our town. After a night of non-stop flirting with watching a video, we made out for a couple hours.

At 2:00 PM, Blogger Kevin said...

As soon as I have one, I'll let you know. :)


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