Monday, August 14, 2006

Good Weekend... of sorts

One more weekend gone- one week closer to my birthday. Sigh.

It was pretty good weekend. Here is a short list of events and goodliness (and not so goodliness):

1) The Cavaliers WON DCI on Saturday night with a 97.3 or so. That's awesome! Championship #7 (fifth in the past six years or so). Way to go Green Machine! Their show truly deserved to win- it was incredible. Big shout out to K-dog who texted me the scores while I was at the bar, so that I would stop freaking out.

2) Film Festival went well- or at least I think it did. I saw several committee members and everyone was very nice to me. Almost as if I wasn't a pariah at all! I pruchased tickets to three films at the festival:

Fat Girls- all about teen angst and coming to terms with being gay in high school... and getting in touch with your inner 'fat girl'. Very funny.

Boy Culture- very slick, very high production values, good script, handsome cast, and about finding love and making it work. Played very well on the big screen.

Amnesia- French Canadian film about a guy who wakes up and doesnt' remember anything other than that he is gay. Or is he? What happened to him? Why is he like this? Based on a true story.

3) T-n-T from the River's Edge (our 'hey neighbors' from the cabins) came to visit me on Saturday evening and I took them to a film (Boy Culture) and out to the bars afterward. It was leather night at Flex, and good dance music night at CC's. We had fun- or at least I did. I hope they had fun in Durham. They are a very nice couple and fun to hang with. AND they put up with my drum corps fetish!!!!

(and NO, I didn't shag them-- geez!)

4) Met a VERY hot man at the bar on Saturday. We'll call him 'Chris'- because that's his name. 6'3" or so, 220 or so, shoulders for days, beard, drop dead gorgeous, blue eyes, 30something, single, and (here's the kicker), SMART. Now doesn't THAT just suck! Hot and dumb I can deal with. But this one is hot and smart. That's never a good combo... always leads to heartache.

I was introduced to him by a friend. Decided to set phasers on 'charm'... but only MEDIUM charm. Full charm is just too devastating for mortals (plus it would really suck to pull out the big guns and STILL be rejected). We chatted a lot of the night and drank. It was very pleasant. But then he left and I never got his digits.

<<< big girl moment ihn>>>

He is totally hot and hunky and smart and funny I like him a real real lot but I don't think he knows that I exist. And now I'll never see him again. So should I just waste myself and spare myself the agony?

<<< moment over >>>

5) We are back to 'big brunches' on sunday. We used to have the "Invite everyone you know who is gay" brunches at a place in Durham every sunday morning. However, that disappeared in favor of small, intimate brunches with my core group of friends. But now we are back to big brunches.

Honestly? the 12 people there made the brunch conversation rather unwieldy. I had to work to institute moments of cross-corner conversation. That's just too much effort to put into brunch- especially after drinking the night before and being tired.

6) Got very melancholy on Sunday. DCI is over for the summer. Film Festival is over for the summer. SUMMER is nearly over for the summer. School is getting ready to start. My birthday is just around the corner. I'm still single (going on 5 years now) and spent saturday with a couple. I loathe my job. Etc. Etc. Etc.

Every so often this stuff seeps in through the chinks in my stucco facade of cheerfulness.

It sucks when it does.


At 11:10 AM, Blogger Six Shooter said...

Hang in there.

So when's the big day?

At 11:57 AM, Blogger cb said...

August 26th.


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