Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The movie "Crash"

Yes it deserved the best picture nod.

How can I say this, being a gay man and therefore predestined for the 'rah-rah, go for Broke(back)" camp? Well, I happen to like multi-character dramatic movies with difficult subject matter, that's why. So Nyah.

Seriously, Brokeback was a good film. A twisted, romantic love story that was very drowsily paced. Like "in the bedroom" or whatever that marissa tomei movie was called. BB was enjoyable and sad and beautiful and the characters were well done. But it was a bit slow.

Crash was not a movie on my list to see. It never sounded all that good to me, really... and ok, so I was pissed that the gay film didn't win the academy award. Sue me. Be that as it may, after viewing Crash, I can definitely see why it won best picture.

I liken the movie to "Magnolia" minus the self-righteous monologues.

We stumbled across this movie in 'cable land' when I was at my Dad's house this past week. He has a million movie channels, and as we were browsing, I saw 'Crash' listed. None of us had seen it (and it DID win best picture, after all) so we turned it on.

It was really damn good. It has multiple characters and storylines going and intersecting and everyone is a racist in some way. Blacks, whites, persians, hispanics, etc. All had some sort of grudge against the others. There were moments of pure hatred, moments of violence, and moments of extreme kindness.

Oh, and the music is gorgeous. There is a sequence in the film where action is happening on the screen, but the score is in the forefront rather than in the background. The music is etherial, with a woman singing in some middle eastern language, and the music forms a beautiful counterpoint to the drama unfolding on the screen. Absolutely gorgeous cinematic moment.

Honestly, Crash is a really REALLY good film. Definitely a must see (after 'An Inconvenient Truth' of course...)


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