Thursday, July 13, 2006

Supermarket Rant

First of all, I grocery shop about every two days.

I am NOT one of those people that can make a huge detailed shopping list, spend an hour perusing the aisles, load up a cart and then be set for a month. Instead, I'll swing by the store and get an armfull of needed things whenever I need them. Much as I did the night before last.

Before I get started you should understand that I have two grocery stores to choose from. Food Lion (closer to me, better produce, hotter checkout boys) and Kroger (bad smell when you walk in, has auto checkout stations). The evening in question I chose Food Lion.

I had 7 items (sandwich stuff, icecream, soda, water, etc) and had spent a grand total of 5 minutes in the store acquiring said items. But then I hit the checkout lanes.

The first lane I went to the guy told me that he was actually closed and I would have to choose one of two remaining open lanes. One had a huge line, and one didn't. I grunted at him, picked up my 7 items, and then opted for the short line.

I was behind a woman with two canned items, who was behind a middle aged woman who was having her big cart rung up. Big cart was nearly done, so I figured it would be a quick wait.

But no.

The lone checkout girl completely finished ringing up big cart... AND BAGGING her stuff for her. And then the woman whips out her checkbook and agonizes over the total. It has been 5 more minutes of waiting at this point. Big cart FINALLY finishes her check and hands it over. Then the cashier says, "Ma'am, I need to see your driver's license."

Big cart stares at her for a minute, then starts fishing around for her wallet. I look over to the first lane that I went to and Lo! The guy had reopened it and taken several customers through already. It was at this point when I lost my shit. I just had to say something- and so I did.

"Um, ma'am? Here's a tip. In the future, if you know you are going to be paying by check, why not start filling out all the information WHILE the checker is ringing up the food? That way you only have to fill out the amount. And while you are at it, have your license out and ready, because you know that the checker will need to see it. Not only will it make everyone's life easier, but it will also avoid WASTING ALL OF OUR TIME!"

I got a VERY indignant look, a harumph, and she pushed her cart out in a blaze of glory.

The woman next in line smiled at me. She was paying with a debit card and had the thing down pat.

Then it was my turn, and the register started beeping madly. It was indicating that it was out of receipt paper. Which the cashier had to replace before ringing me up. And after my diatribe, she was nervous and couldn't get the paper to feed. Several more minutes passed before she was up and running again.

"Sorry 'bout that" she squeeked while ringing up my 7 items.

Bloody karma.


At 9:48 AM, Blogger Brian said...

Who pays by check anymore? Oh yeah...old people.

At 10:21 PM, Anonymous Donnie said...

As a previous cashier, this kind of thing not only pissed the customer off, it pissed us cashiers off, but we had to have professionalism about us. I loved customers like you, who would speak up for everyone....Donnie(nchockeyguy76 on yahoo)


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