Monday, October 09, 2006

Other weekend delights

So to add to the wonderful band concert, there were a couple other bright spots this weekend.

1) I finished (mostly) a short story that had been in the works for awhile. Its called "The Life and Times of an Artist's Muse" and its a recount of life as the aging lover for a famous artist. Purely fictional of course, with no "write what you know" content.

2) I approached a guy at a coffeeshop and just started talking to him. I've seen the guy (jonathan) around at some of the same places that I haunt and I've always been mildly attracted. And my gaydar was going off, so I felt it safe to approach. Even though he's slighter of frame than the guys I like, he's got a shaved head, scruffy goatee, and a sharp nose. Now those features I like! As it turns out he is also a musician and an engineer. And lives very close to me- hence the same hauntings. We may have dinner some time this week.

3) I made some darn good chili last night, and have enough for leftovers for this week. Yum!

4) I got some good work done on my music composition. Its a piece that I'm writing for concert band that is a tribute to Aaron Copland. I am quoting snippets of many of his famous works, but mostly the piece quotes fragments of Fanfare for the Common Man. Other bits I'm 'borrowing' include "Billy the Kid", "The Red Pony", "Appalachian Spring", "Rodeo", and "Letters from Home". I hope it turns out well.


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