Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Pride Casualties...

Ok- I am writing this quick post so that people don't think I've 'gone dark'.

Kev and I survived our 2nd Pride experience in Atlanta. There were only a few casualties; the list is as follows:

Earrings (1)
Pair of sneakers (1)
Performance stage (1)
Razr cell phone (1)
Bead necklace (1- at least)
Possible friendships (2) nothing to do with Kev and I
Self-esteem (1)
Tops of feet (2)
Chafed taints (2)
Rotted bowels (2)
Olfactory senses (2)-- see above
Hotel Lobby (1)

That's the short list. This does NOT include the numerous costumes, floats, tiaras, wigs, and leather items lost or damaged during the torrential downpour during the Pride parade on Sunday.


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