Tuesday, June 20, 2006


I am one happy boy today!

Carolina DIDN'T shit the bed as I was predicting, they found their game again, and they done brung IT!

Even after being robbed of a goal in the first period, The Canes managed to tough it out and seize the cup. Which was the way that it should have been, all things considered.

I know that the Oilers were an 8th seed, and were the "cinderella" team of the season. And naturally I would have been rooting for them in ANY other Cup (because I'm an underdog kinda guy). BUT- look at the 'Canes roster. Brind'amour who had played for 17 years- no cup. Wesley- 18 years, no cup. Hedican- 14 years, no cup. And Doug Weight. And gosh... others. So many great veterans that had played so long without getting their name on that precious cup.

Until now.

Cool things about going to the Cane's games: it is NOISY. Loudest arena in the NHL. Decibel levels over 112 when things get going. And the crowd is always rowdy- like a college crowd. They take their cue from all the college basketball in the area. Its very fun.

And last night that place was IN. FUCKING. SANE.

Congrats to the Carolina Hurricanes! I'm very happy.

P.S. my boy Eric Cole who was out for most of the season (with a broken NECK, not shoulder) played in games 6 and 7! He's back. He made a difference. And I'm gonna gay marry him someday.


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