Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A cry for help...

Ok, I need some help finding something online or... wherever.

I need copies of the Mrs. Mouth show.

Back in the mid-90's, a friend of mine got a videotape present from some friends of HIS who lived in New York City. Evidently there was a cable access station that featured something called the Mrs. Mouth Show.

The thing was pee-your-pants hysterical! Obviously done by some big ol' queen with tons of extra time on her hands.

Mrs. Mouth would narrate the show and was a person with their head hanging over a couch with eyes and a nose drawn on their chin so that when they were inverted it looked like a puppet of sorts. Naturally there was a wig involved too, and some heavy makeup. And a little outfit covering the guy's neck.

But the best part involved the barbie dolls.

These queens put on a full Barbie doll puppet theater thing-- in a barbie mansion decked out to the 9's. It was like a barbie version of Dynasty. Some of the dolls weren't barbies, but they all worked together in a weird sort of way. The main character's name was Tallulah as I recall.

They had different voices and characters and these fuckers manipulated them like a gay man's dream puppet show. Better than the "Lonely Goatherd" sequence from Sound of Music.

One of the best clips involved the barbies sitting around and discussing a hook shit. it went something like this:

Tallulah: It reminds me of that time I had that hook shit.

Camille: What the fuck is a hook shit??

Mom of Tallulah: How do you not know what a hook shit is??

Camille: Just tell me what it is?

T: A hook shit, is when you are taking a shit, and the turd curves around and enters your vagina. That's... a hook shit.

C: That's disgusting. I've NEVER had a hook shit.

Mom: I lost my virginity to a hook shit...

And so forth. There was another episode where Camille kept borrowing Tallulah's razors to shave her legs and leaving them all dulled. So to get her back, Tallulah took a rock and beat the hell out of the razor first. Then when camille started shaving her legs, it just kept nicking and cutting the hell out of her. When she came out of the bathroom, her legs were covered with small white bandages.

Tallulah: What the hell do you have all over your legs, Camille?

Camille: Oh, I cccccut my leggggggs while sssssshhhaving themmmm, so I putttt all these neat round bandaids on alllllll the cutttttttttssssssss.

Mom: Camille! Those aren't bandaid's... those are my nicotine patches you stupid bitch!

(cut to camille convulsing on the floor)

If anyone can find clips of these or knows of where I can get them, I'd be much obliged.


At 9:18 PM, Blogger 9w said...

22 episodes of the show (or at least bits) are on you tube (yes, i know you can't see these at work).

At 5:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

where should I send you informaion?

At 5:43 AM, Blogger A. said...

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