Friday, December 01, 2006

Social Butterfly

I will be quite the socialite this weekend.

I have two (count them--- uno! dos!) holiday parties to attend. One this evening and one on Sunday. Other than the fact that I hate Sunday parties, they should be fun.

Both are drunking, carousing, schmoozing, ostensibly 'fun' parties. And both are requiring "toys for tots" donations. Although I'm not sure if they are both OFFICIAL toys for tots-- they may be bears for children or help a child or something. I don't know. But both are asking for me to bring a toy.

Quel expectations!

I have already purchased a teddy bear for the first party. I'm a bit old fashioned in my gift giving, I suppose, but I happen to think that EVERY child (girl or boy) would love to have a Teddy of their own. They are a good non-sex gift and can be easily played with, talked to, slept with, etc.

I still sleep with my bear (named Preston). He's a Gund. The only time he goes away is when I have a 'visitor'. It turns out that cum doesn't wash out of synthetic fur very easily.

As it so happens, I bought a Gund for this friday party. Its cute as hell, too! As I was purchasing it, I caught myself envisioning the potential happiness of whatever child received this bear. I hope their little eyes light up and they squeeze the bear and give it a good home.

The ladies at the Hallmark store asked me if I wanted it wrapped for a gift- and I told them that it couldn't be wrapped because this bear was destined to be part of Toys for Tots. They melted. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!" they all cooed. "That is so absolutely sweet!"

Now, I'm in a quandary about what to get for the second party. Do I get two prezzies (a boy prezzie and a girl prezzie -- ie legos and a brat doll) or what do I get?

Suggestions appreciated.


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